Need An Alternative To Your Alice Library Software?
Peninsula QuickTrack for Schools is the solution.

School Library Software That's Affordable, But More Powerful And Easier To Use.

"Simple to setup, they even got our book data from our old Alice system."

Simple To Use, Affordable And Powerful

QuickTrack Pro for Schools comes complete, and runs on your own schools computer not in the cloud.

Easy for both adults and children to use, at any school age.

QuickTrack is complete with all the functionality found in other products, circulation (booking in and out), cataloguing, reporting, labelling and much more.
QuickTrack has been in use worldwide for over 20 years.

Includes Guaranteed Quality Barcode Scanner

Peninsula have been creating school library software for over 20 years and package all systems with their own, reliable, supported barcode scanners.

Fact: Today most school library software is accessed through the cloud.
You are giving an unknown company and its employees access to your schools pupil data.
In addition to this if the internet is down at either end these systems will be unusable.

Peninsula QuickTrack Pro For Schools runs on your schools own computer
and your data is secure within your building.

Your system is always up and running.

Built In Automatic Cataloguing

QuickTrack for Schools has a built in cataloguing tool which uses the internet to look up the book details and automatically enter them.

The online catalogue database is always up to date and is free of charge. There is no charge for its use.

This function is simple to use, simply scan the barcode on the book, and the details will be catalogued automatically.

This facility can also obtain catalogue information for most CD's, DVD's and some Videos as well as books.

Import Your Alice Library System Data

We can even convert your Alice library system data to a useable format for you with our conversion tool, making the task of moving to a new library system much easier.

Our technicians are here to help, you can even setup a TeamViewer session setup the system at your end.

Whatever you need, with over 20 years of experience in library software, our experts will have the answer.

Once setup you can scan books in and out to students and instantly know who has what and where.

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