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• Retail
• Healthcare and Medical
• Inventory and Stock Control
• Office Automation
• Document Tracking
• Light Industrial
• Asset Tracking
• Item Tracking
• Library Applications
• Goods Receiving
• Goods Shipping

"So What Do You Get In The Box?"

Provided in the Magpie III bar code reader box you will find:

An installation and operating manual.

Barcode readers for connection to mac or pc, usb.

A cable to connect your Magpie III bar code reader to your computer to charge it.

Barcode readers for connection to mac or pc, usb.

The Wireless dongle to connect the scanner to the computer, wirelessly.

The Magpie III bar code reader itself. This excellent piece of hardware contains
all the decoding capability inside the unit and requires no additional software.
Just pick it up and start scanning.

Also on the setup sheet are the enabler codes for your free QuickTrack Start software.

Although the Magpie can be used with any software without drivers, (the Magpie pretends it is another keyboard),
QuickTrack Start is included for those who have no existing Barcode system.
This software allows you to make barcode labels on your standard printer,
Create a database of Items or Assets for tracking, (this could be books, CDs, anything)
Then book in and out these items to Users simply and quickly.
QuickTrack Start is a cut down, fully functional version or our Professional Tracking software and can be used in a real situation.

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